• 21st Century Geishas for National Geographic

    «They are moving works of art who have found a way to combine secular traditions with mobile phones, to the rhythm of the shamishen»  

  • ‘Sharing the Land’ awarded WILDSCREEN UK for WWF

    Award-winning documentary film by Hakawatifilm for WWF #LIFEproject. Wildscreen Festival, the world’s leading international festival about nature and conservation films. Wolves were taken to the brink of extinction in the 70s. Today the species is recovering slowly. But the conflict between shepherds and wolves continues. Is coexistence possible?

  • «Memories of the Sea» new interactive project

    cartel_LaMemoriadelMar by Hakawatifilm, Ofelia de Pablo y Javier Zurita

    Sustainable fishing. Estamos de estreno y seleccionados! Ya está aquí nuestro nuevo documental “LaMemoriadelMar” acompañando al proyecto #multimedia Audioguías del Mar para poner en valor de forma interactiva la #pescasostenible #memoria #futuro #conservación de esos mares que tanto amamos.       Publicaciones relacionadas: Premier of our new European Campaing for WWF #SharingtheLand An honour to be part of the […]