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                  Ofelia and Javier believe in the importance of helping new and emerging multimedia photographers find their voice and develop their talent. They hold workshops recently partnered with CANON Spain where you can learn about the new multimedia languague.

At their workshops you’ll join other aspiring photographers to make multimedia pieces, discuss your work and learn from one another under Ofelia and Javier’s guidance. Additionally, Ofelia and Javier to lead photographic expeditions in various locations around the world. Ofelia and Javier’s schedule for the workshops and expeditions varies depending on their current work; check back to see when one is coming up.

Ofelia de Pablo y Javier Zurita are also available for speaking engagements and have given many talks on their experiences, sharing the lessons and inspiration they’ve gained during their time shooting in over 60 countries. Whether speaking to students, donors, corporations or nonprofits, Ofelia and Javier provide refreshing insights and personal backstories that engage and excite audiences. They produce special programming for each audience, such as inspiration for the next generation, teaching visual storytelling to nonprofits or motivating employees in a corporate setting.

CONTACT Ofelia&Zurita:  info@hakawatifilm.com