• 21st-Century Geishas for National Geographic

    002 Ofelia_de_Pablo_Javier_Zuritageishas

      The geisha of the 21st Century are also still praying to the gods to become “those who dominated all the arts” because it what their name means.They still retain their strict traditions but their way of relating to the global world has changed considerably. We had been with them in the okiya where they live, during the music lessons […]

  • Doñana’s Beating Heart for WWF


    The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Doñana National Park is home to an impressive array of landscapes and wildlife, including the endangered Iberian lynx, the world’s most endangered feline species and provides habitats for six million migratory birds each year. Only five years ago the Iberian lynx was nearing extinction but today, thanks to an imaginative conservation programme that has […]

  • Night premiere screening of our documentary films in CINETECA with RNE3 and CANON


    Thanks everyone to share last night our premiere screening at Cineteca, Matadero in Madrid. We love you all! Special thanks to Javier Tolentino and his wonderful radio program “EL Séptimo Vicio”. Great interview and lovely evening :):):) You can hear also the complete interview here: Ofelia de Pablo and Javier Zurita, new storytellers Gracias a todos por regalarnos ayer la […]